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I am grateful to the Almighty and feel privileged to join Christopher Day School community as Principal and I believe schooling is a journey of communion where teachers and parents come together in relationship to provide the child a learning platform to think and imagine and make the students the avant-garde of a new future.

A vision requires visionaries to dream and struggle for its realization. Formation of youth is imperative, as we are living in times where the pace of events is very fast, in fact that today’s latest becomes obsolete tomorrow. What our children are going to be in future, is what we make of them today. The talents they demonstrate today are the proof that they have the potentiality to be useful citizens in the future. Our students must retain the capacity and creativity to adapt itself to the needs of the time without sacrificing the good and time honoured ideals and moral values. Our children need to be readied for the global stage. A generation of young people who are thinkers, inquirers, articulate and confident to take to the world stage and co-operate with the best brains in the world. Like all great institutions, we have our dreams, ambitions and aspirations and to convert these into tangible realities, as there is a tree in every seed, as there is a statue in every stone, there is a possibility in every child. Only you and I along with them can make it happen.

I take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the contribution of all who have helped in the growth of this Institution from its humble beginning to its present stature. Encouraged by what has been, let us continue our mission of education with hope and enthusiasm. With unified thought and vision we march ahead with commitment and zeal, keeping in mind our school motto ‘Soar higher, Shine brighter’.

May God bless us all.
Long live our alma-mater!

Sr. Marisha SCCG.



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